In this section are files that have been contributed by various members of the Deseret_AB Yahoo! Group.

 Contact Spam-proof Contact Form
 Deseret Alphabet Tables Various orderings of the alphabet for ease of use.
 Fonts Want to type in Deseret?
 Funny or Interesting Puzzles, jokes, poetry and the like.
 Historical or Technical A little more depth
 Reading Material Material written in Deseret prior to 1877
 Complete_Guide_to_Reading_and_Writing_the_Deseret_Alphabet.pdf Complete Guide to Reading and Writing the Deseret Alphabet. By Neil Alexander Walker
 Deseret Keyboard 2.pdf Updated Deseret Keyman Keyboard Encoding
 Deseret Keyboard.pdf Deseret Keyboard Encoding
 Deseret_Alphabet_Key.jpeg Key to the Deseret Alphabet Dr. John Robertson's Work on the Deseret Alphabet Book of Mormon. This is the result of OCR done on scans from an original copy.
 Huneybee.ttf Deseret Alphabet Huneybee Font
 n2474.pdf Proposal to Modify the Encoding of Deseret Alphabet in Unicode by Kenneth R. Beesley, 2002
 Triple.pdf LDS Triple Combination in Deseret Alphabet
 U10400.pdf Deseret Alphabet Unicode Standard Version 9.0